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Glen Gallic Stud

Glen Gallic is an established agistment property in the renowned Upper Hunter Valley Horse and Wine Country, only a 3 hour drive from Sydney.

Quality Care

Quality agistment with the highest care, close to Sydney. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and absolute best care for all of our horses.
We have regular farrier visits, dental care, worming, vaccination, and access to specialist vet care. Call or email us to arrange a time to visit us and look over our facilities.

Paddock Agistment

On the 600 acres at “Glen Gallic”, we specialise in paddock agistment at affordable rates for all kinds of horses, from ponies to racehorses, mares to fillies, weanlings to retirees.
Currently, “Glen Gallic” provides quality agistment for around 80 horses, with plenty of room for more at this time. Horses are run in small groups, with similar feed and management requirements, of up to twelve per paddock.

Most paddocks are pasture improved with some watered via a travelling irrigator as required. All have good drinking water and shade. Electric fencing is utilised in most areas, generally keeping horses clear of wire fences. Supplementary feeding is available upon request.

Potential and existing clients are welcome to inspect horses and the property by appointment. Horses can be delivered to “Springdale” at almost anytime after prior arrangement with the manager and the completion of the agistment contract.

We aim to provide the highest quality care for your horses at an affordable agistment rate. Services we provide include tailored supplementary feeding regime, worming, regular farrier treatment, and managing veterinary care. A complete care programme and cost can best be discussed on an individual basis.

Health and Wellbeing

A health maintenance program is implemented whereby all horses are checked in the paddock. All horses are wormed every two months, general health assessed and hooves inspected and trimmed as required. Worming and trimming are an additional cost.

Veterinary attention is available with good horse vets on call 24 hours, if required.

Our History

Glen Gallic is run by experienced staff, providing paddock agistment for all breeds of horses at affordable rates.

Glen Gallic has operated as a quality agistment service since 1965, with a well-established reputation for providing quality care and service. Currently caring for around 80 horses, we have the capacity to take on more horses.

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Glen Gallic Stud

1472 Martindale Rd
Martindale NSW, 2328

Mobile: 0409 375 494
Email: office@glengallic.com.au